Seems like Ron Goldman’s family is still hot on the trail of O.J. Simpson. Yesterday, they bought the rights to his book, “If I Did It“, in a bankruptcy settlement, and plan on releasing the book under a new title, “Confessions of a Double Murderer“. In addition to the book rights, the family also has taken ownership of the copyright, media rights, and movie rights.

O.J., meanwhile, looks like he may be involved with money laundering. A company set up by his oldest daughter Arnelle, Lorraine Brooke Associates, owned the rights to the book prior to the Goldman family, and that company apparently funnelled $630,000 paid by publisher Harper Collins to the ex-football star. In June, bankruptcy judge A. Jay Cristol ruled that Arnelle Simpson’s company was established “to perpetuate fraud”.

No word if O.J. has found “the real killers” yet, 13 years later.

Squeezing the Juice

One thought on “Squeezing the Juice

  • Dude that’s crazy. They got the rights to the book, and renamed it?

    If that wasn’t so disturbing, it would be REALLY funny.

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