Watching the news conference last week, one of the things that might leave people feeling somewhat disoriented is the president’s seemingly effortless high spirits. He’s in a good mood. There was the usual teasing, the partly aggressive, partly joshing humor, the certitude. He doesn’t seem to be suffering, which is jarring.

Presidents in great enterprises that are going badly suffer: Lincoln, LBJ with his head in his hands. Why doesn’t Mr. Bush? Every major domestic initiative of his second term has been ill thought through and ended in failure. His Iraq leadership has failed. His standing is lower than any previous president’s since polling began. He’s in a good mood. Discuss.

The Happy President
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5 thoughts on “The Happy President

  • Perhaps its because he believes his evil NEOCON agenda is working.

    Oil prices are high…


    Kidding. Seriously, don’t know. Perhaps he’s simply putting on a good show. Maybe he thinks something will actually come of this Fatah/Hamas split. Great question, though.

  • My prediction is that he is receiving more and more of the great news coming out of the surge and can’t wait until September.

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