“Follow the money” was a typical response in recent political conversation. To me the response is an easy out, almost a deflection that, if not kept in check, allows for someone not to discuss the issue at hand. Sure it’s interesting where the money comes from, but how do you really feel about an issue?

Anyway, there are many sites on the net that follow the money. Opensecrects.org and Center for Responsive Politics in particular was pretty interesting.

The numbers combine all PAC, soft money, and large ($200+) individual contributions made by the organization, its employees, officers and their immediate families. Subsidiaries and affiliates are also included in the totals. Not included is money spent independently on issue ads or donations to political party conventions, legal defense funds, presidential inaugurations or post-election recount funds.

Of those orgs who leaned predominantly Democratic (greater than 90% of total contributions) were the usual suspects: Unions, Universities, Law Practices, and an Activist Organization dedicated to elect women to political office.
Of those orgs who leaned predominantly Republican (again greater than 90% of total contributions) were two investment/financial companies, a building and contractors association and an Economic Activist Organization.

Those “on the fence” (relatively little difference between Dem or Rep contributions) are as follows:

National Association of Realtors
JP Morgan Chase & Co
Citigroup Inc
Bank of America
General Electric
American Hospital Assn
Credit Suisse First Boston
Boeing Co
Bear Stearns
Comcast Corp

Follow the Money

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