This article is from, a well-known libertarian site. It’s basically a pitch for Ron Paul, the long-shot Republican presidential candidate. Mr. Paul aims to end the Iraq war AND repeal the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, so he has my ear. He may even have my time and $ in the coming months when the campaign ramps up.

Ron Paul

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul

  • So he aims to “end the Iraq War” eh?

    Look, I’m a big Ron Paul fan, and can understand his pure Libertarian stance on domestic affairs, and I agree with him 100% on that (especially SOX).

    I can also understand his position on foreign affairs, but am having trouble picturing someone with these positions occupying the White House right now. What is he going to do from a diplomatic standpoint …just run around to every country we’ve “occupied” and/or improperly influenced, and apologize?

    Then go to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, etc., and say “Hey, no more foreign aid for you?”

    Is that likely? Or recommended? Even if he’s right about every foreign policy stance he’s taken, do you want that to be the tenor of our foreign policy?–now?

    You see it’s easy to say what’s wrong on the Domestic front and to take a leadership role in changing things. It’s something different to say, “We’ve had such an evil and wrong and horrible foreign policy for 50 years,” and then turn around and go to all of your foreign counterparts and say, “Hey, I’m the new Sheriff in town.”

    The timing is right for a Ron Paul domestically, but I do not want someone with his stance representing us as Head of State.

    You want to know what I think Ron Paul’s role should be? I want him to be the Secretary of the Treasury, of Education, of Labor, and then of Health of Human Services.

    His number one line on the first three would be: “You’re all fired, go home”

  • Electing Ron Paul would surely mark a dramatic shift towards a more humble foreign policy. As such, I would expect it to strike fear in the hearts of many modern-day Republicans.

    We don’t have to go to every country and apologize. But, we do straightforwardly convey our new approach and stick to it.

    Regarding foreign aid, each country that we take it away from will take comfort in knowing that they are all receiving the same amount of such aid ($0) as their neighbor.

    I would sleep better at night knowing that Ron Paul is our head of state. I don’t believe that during his first four-year term we’d end up flying the Chinese or Radical Islam flag (not sure if there is such a flag, but you get my point). During those four years, I suspect we’d save enough money to actually fund our next trillion dollar military adventure (Jeb Bush 2012, anyone?). And, last but not least, Ron Paul versus a Democratic Congress would make for some really interesting compromises.

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