A sad story from Zimbabwe…

Zimbabweans attempt to eat giraffe.

While it may have been righteous for the Zimbabweans to reclaim their country back in 1980, the more recent expulsion of white landowners in Zimbabwe (in combination with other factors, mostly government oriented) continues to have adverse effects on the indigenous people.

A quote about the current state, and attempts at governing by Mugabe…

“A government order to slash prices of all goods and services by about half in June has left stores across the country empty of meat, cornmeal, bread and other staples and crippled transportation services.”

These days it is popular for Westerners to intervene under the guise of the UN, but not out of any desire for profit. I doubt in the long run one is better than the other. I’m certain that European and US businesses would love to invest in African economies and ultimately lift them out of poverty. A basic respect for private property and law, and some semblance of an organized economy must be established first, and as long as guys like Mugabe are in charge, that will not happen.

Freedom from Western Colonialism tastes like giraffe
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