An interesting story on the importance of high school football in Louisiana. My favorite passage, regarding a game last season:

On Friday night, Crutchfield sat down to dinner at a restaurant in Belle Chasse, La. Midway through a meal of shrimp and crabs, he said, “The game was canceled.”

Eva Jones, the parish school superintendent, wanted all school buses available to assist in any evacuation, he said. So she called off the game.

Crutchfield told how he phoned Paul Lemaire, a school board member. Lemaire had kicked the winning field goal for Port Sulphur High in the 1979 state championship game. Lemaire called Jones.

“You can’t just cancel a game by yourself,” Lemaire said he told Jones. “Both teams have to agree.”

It might be raining, Jones said.

“As long as there’s no lightning, that’s part of the game,” Lemaire said.

The game was uncanceled.

Plaquemines Parish football recovery

Plaquemines recovery
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