I’ve heard a lot of back and forth from my “Law and Order” conservative friends. The fight at the school followed highly charged racial incidents that started last September when white students placed three hangman’s nooses in what was known as “the white tree” at Jena High School. Black parents wanted the white students expelled, but Superintendent Roy Breithaupt, who also is white, suspended them for three days, calling the nooses a prank.

Racial disturbances followed, starting in late November. White partygoers attacked a black student in one clash but were not charged, according to police statements. The next day, the same black student and some friends spotted one of his attackers and, they said, chased him. The students told police that the white student pulled an unloaded shotgun but they wrested it away. The white student who pulled the weapon was not charged. But police arrested the black students who took it on theft charges.

Contrast all that do what happened in December. Bell and five other black teenagers beat up a white student at Jena High School, knocking him out and blackening one of his eyes. The victim, Justin Barker, was treated at a hospital and released after two hours. He attended a class-ring ceremony later that night.

His attackers were charged by prosecutor Reed Walters, who is white, with conspiracy to commit second-degree murder and aggravated battery.

I mean, come on.

Revisiting the Jena 6

2 thoughts on “Revisiting the Jena 6

  • OK…I would have a tendency to agree with you here, but you may have to provide some links. According to what I read (and it’s probably the same thing you read):

    1) The “White Party-goers” (in November) were not students and got in a fight with a GROUP of black people (trying to be party-goers?), and one of the white men in question WAS charged with battery.

    2) The NEXT DAY a completely different white party goer encountered approximately the same group black party-goers, and went and grabbed an unloaded gun. The group of black students took the gun away from him and indeed were charged with theft. Last I heard, pulling a gun to defend yourself is not a crime. Attacking someone and taking their gun away and taking it home with you is still theft (What does “We’ve got action” mean, by the way?)

    3) The white student in the December incident was knocked unconscious and left there. He suffered a concussion, one eye was completely swollen shut, and he also had injuries to his face, ears, and hand. After two hours in the hospital he did attend his ring ceremony that evening, but left early due to pain.


    A: Hanging nooses, although stupid racist, childish, and ridiculous is not battery.

    B: Being charged with Battery is indeed being charged.

    C: Pulling an unloaded gun is not assault, but a group of guys attacking someone and taking their gun is indeed theft.

    C: Beating someone till they are unconscious and leaving them on the street is battery.

    D: The charges of second-degree attempted murder were dropped before it even went to trial.

    HOWEVER, I will concede two points:

    A) Putting a bunch of nooses in a tree is F***ING STUPID. And the guys who did that SHOULD be beaten senseless. Preferably, though, by their fathers.

    B) A shoe is not a deadly weapon, therefore “aggravated battery” is hard to prove.

  • I heard that the white kids were Art students and that “Nooses In a Tree” was part of a modern art class project. Talk about MISUNDERSTOOD!

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