John Fund from the Wall Street Journal has some advice for Bobby Jindal:

He plans tax cuts and an expansion of school choice. Part of his philosophy is that the federal government can’t be Louisiana’s salvation. “New Orleans has suffered from the trauma of three crises,” he told The Wall Street Journal last year. “First was Katrina, second was the levees breaking, and the third has been a case study in bureaucracy and red tape at its very worst.”

Mr. Roemer’s failure to alter the state’s mores provides some guidance for Mr. Jindal. While he won outright election on Saturday, many races for the state legislature will be decided in runoffs next month. With legislative term limits kicking in for the first time this year, many of those runoffs will be in open districts where reform candidates will square off against those more are skeptical of change. If Mr. Jindal wants to be a successful governor, he would be wise not to rest on his laurels but instead to pour his time and energy into making sure a Legislature is elected that will pay more than lip service to his bold proposals.

Advice for the new Louisiana governor
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