There are few better ways to appeal to your constituents in this country than by appealing to their religious beliefs. I personally have believed that Piyush “Bobby” Jindal is a classic example of a politician tailoring his public persona to fit in with those around him and thus improve his general acceptance and political success. The name has always made me laugh. “Bobby.” How can his ethnic peers not laugh at that. I never met an Indian-American that had adopted an American first (or last) name. Then there is his conversion to Catholicism, a necessary political move, at least in the deep South. Interestingly a friend of mine from highschool, who’d worked on Jindal’s first campaign for governorship, also Christianized himself once he decided in college that he too would eventually pursue public office (that friend was previously a self-proclaimed atheist with a Catholic upbringing). But that Jindal would go so far as to lambast Protestants in an article for a Catholic journal makes you wonder. Bad political move, number one. It will cost him north Louisiana voters. But is this true religious fervor gone too far, or is this a ruse meant to convince people (like me) that he actually does adhere to Catholic beliefs?

Dammit, Bobby!

3 thoughts on “Dammit, Bobby!

  • A little behind on the times??

    The Democrats tried the religion warfare thing against Jindal a few months ago. It worked so well that it blew up in their faces and had elected Democrat politicians calling them cheap.

  • Ha. Yes, I was afraid the timing was off. So it goes when you don’t watch tv. This must’ve happened during the last show I worked on. Sorry!

  • Well…old news or not (remember, none of us are living in LA. anymore) the ad was a gross misrepresentation of Jindal’s writing. I wouldn’t describe the article as “lambasting Protestants” as much as simply defending the Catholic respect for its own hierarchy.

    The ad was a shameless attempt to make him look like a Protestant basher when he is very simply a devout Catholic.

    Now if you want to “lambast” Mr Jindal, which you are welcome to do, please tell me you have something more than the fact that he calls himself Bobby, and is !GASP! a convert to Catholicism.

    I would love to hear his opinions on his conversion to Catholicism and whether he did it for political reasons.

    Barack Obama (although obviously a better person and more honest politician because he didn’t change his name to “Buddy” Obama) took on the Christian faith EXPRESSLY for the purpose of fitting in with his constituents politically. He says it almost outright in “The Audacity of Hope”.

    I think it’s legal to change someone’s religious views as an adult. The only thing more disingenuous than changing your religious faith STRICTLY for political purposes is ASSUMING that any politician that changes their religious views as an adult MUST be doing it STRICTLY for political purposes.

    Barack spells it out why he did it, which I think makes it kind of OK to me, actually. Jindal has never expressed (that I know of) his doing it for political purposes, so I operate under the assumption that it’s “genuine.”

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