Holy sh*t! A major news network had the balls to send a journalist to Iran to see what life is like! Not surprisingly, Iran is vastly different from the terrorist regime that the American government has made the public fear that it is.

Watch NBC’s Matt Lauer in the streets of Tehran:
Matt Lauer in Iran Pt. 2
Matt Lauer in Iran Pt. 3
Matt Lauer in Iran Pt. 4

In the last video we listen to Matt Lauer and Iranian University professor Dr. Seyyed Marandi chit chat about I.R. What’s that? Dr. Marandi was born in Virginia and moved back to Iran after the revolution! Was this man kidnapped?! No! Guess life in Iran ain’t that bad after all. My girlfriend’s uncle and wife, who are both successful orthodontists in Tehran, came over to L.A. for several months to get their American citizenship lined up (much of their family lives is here). Southern California culture left them with such a bad taste in their mouths that they said to hell with it and went back to Tehran (I too can’t wait to leave this place). The typical American response to this is to say, well we don’t want’em here anyhow! To each his own, I guess. The point is, Iran is not a hotbed of terrorist organizations. Iran is a country that, like our own, is filled with people getting on with their own lives. You might say, well of course, but how many average Americans actually give this any thought or know anything about Iran? Not so much! These people are easily swayed by the fear campaign that the American government is currently running:

“Is it time to give you authority in pursuit of your mission in Iraq, to pursue those Iranian kutz force operations in Iranian territory in order to protect America’s troops in Iraq?” -Joe Lieberman, U.S. Senator and Israeli attache at the recent Senate hearings starring General Petraeus.
Ann Coulter anyone? “You have a lunatic running Iran, who’s running around claming he has a nuke. When do we wait? Do we wait for a city to be taken out?” (remember, the president of Iran does not “run” that country)

Consider a review like this one on YouTube:
“I hope they bomb the shit out of Iran. God bless Joe lieberman and God bless George W. Bush. Iran is fucking with the the greatest military force in the history of mankind. Who the hell are they? They bomb our soldiers we’ll bomb their cities. Im tired of putting up with these bastard’s bullshit!”

It should not be underestimated how it is in the interest of our national security for people in this country to educate themselves, and that takes an active search on part of the individual. Politicians have lied to us, the media has misinformed and uninformed us. It is not the information age, it is the misinformation age. Take the responsibility to learn something you don’t know, especially about people who are supposedly your enemies.

Iran: It Must Be a Charade!

One thought on “Iran: It Must Be a Charade!

  • OK…

    I actually liked the piece. It illustrated a little of the good and the bad. Any reason why you didn’t link to the first part?

    Noone ever said living in Iran was like living in a “terrorist state.” Iran’s terrorist support is almost all external (Hamas, Hezbollah, Iraq, etc.), but it was evident from the videos that women are still struggling to have equal rights and freedoms. A lot of pt 2 (or was it 3?) was about how people managed to dodge the “Big Brother” presence of their government that was explained in pt 1. Good for them.

    The first pt towards the end showed an interview with someone who went to law school in Boston, and he talked about how much progress has been made for Civil liberties for women in Iran in the last 15 years. He is absolutely right. What he left out was that all of that progress was made before Ahmadinejad, and since then as was illustrated my Mr. Lauer there has been a severe “social crackdown.” Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have documented that pretty well.

    I actually appreciate these pieces “on the streets” of countries we are at odds with diplomatically. I prefer them wholeheartedly to the little puff-piece interviews of Castro or Saddam or Mahmoud. Both of these kinds of “explorations” happen all of the time.

    By the way, if I visited Southern California from another country, I would have second thoughts about wanting to become an American citizen, too.

    East Coast baby! Come and see us. You’d be OK in NY…don’t worry, there are plenty of Latte-sipping, urbanite left-wingers for you to hang out with…and they won’t care what kind of car you drive.


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