And is only 1 point behind Mitt “Ken doll” Romney…

At the least this separates himself clearly, and hopefully permanently, from the other “second-tier” contenders (so I guess making them “third-tier”). The trend is not surprising to me…basically every time someone has dropped out of the race over the last several months, Huckabee has picked up their points.

Unfortunately the “third-tier” candidate votes that are left (Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, and Tom Tancredo), totaling about 12 points by this poll, might represent a slightly different type of voter than those from Gilmore, T. Thompson, and Brownback.

I wouldn’t mind (being the RWNJ that I am) a Huckabee/Hunter ticket.

How about Huckabee/Hunter taking on Obama/Biden…that would be a MUCH better race than:

Giulliani/? and Clinton/Richardson.

Don’t ya’ll think?

WH2008: Republicans

Mike Huckabee hits double digits.

One thought on “Mike Huckabee hits double digits.

  • I’d campaign throughout my state for Huckabee/Hunter…as long as Duncan Hunter gets control over the War on Terror and Immigration!!

    You’re right, much better than Giuliani/Thompson or Romney.

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