Apparently, in his rush to denounce “Hillarycare”, which apparently is any change to our health system that Hillary would propose, Giuliani got caught in a giant fib.

I’m referring to his presidential campaign’s recent radio ad in New Hampshire, in which Giuliani speaks of his personal experience with prostate cancer and then cites an ear-grabbing statistic: “My chances of surviving prostate cancer — and thank God I was cured of it — in the United States: 82 percent. My chances of surviving prostate cancer in England: only 44 percent under socialized medicine.”

Hold it, you mean I’d be nearly twice as likely to die of prostate cancer in Liverpool as in Los Angeles? Twice as likely to succumb in Oxfordshire as in Ohio? Amazing. Also, not remotely true. Follow the link above for the facts.

More lies about Universal Healthcare

3 thoughts on “More lies about Universal Healthcare

  • Well regardless of the Prostate Cancer statistics (Giulliani not only was relaying inaccurate information, but almost irrelevant information), there are many things wrong with the American System, and as noble as HillaryCare would appear to be, it does nothing to solve those problems.

    Without going into it too much, because I’m working on an “anti-HillaryCare post” (not because I really believe it’s wrong, but simply because I HAVE to tow the party line–even though I don’t belong to a party), and to keep it simple:

    Everyone should stop pretending that we have a truly market-driven system, because we don’t. If we did, in a high-tech industry like healthcare, costs would be going down, not up. Moving from a faux-market driven system to a socialized system would only show administrative advantages financially–temporary advantages.

    It wouldn’t increase quality…almost by definition, wouldn’t increase “access” regardless of increased “coverage” and most importantly wouldn’t slow down increases in costs.

    82 and 44 must have seemed a little odd to Giulliani, does anyone know what magazine article he could have gotten it from?

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