Here’s an article about the Ron Paul phenomenon. As expected, there’s a little too much emphasis on the “liberal” part of modern “libertarianism” (the war on drugs is mentioned more than once), and of course the war on Iraq is cited as a cornerstone of flawed interventionism. Here, however, is the part that describes most accurately the “libertarian” tendencies of some within the Republican party.

…In the 1990s, conservative Republicans rose to power by relentlessly attacking Big Government. Yet the minute they took control of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, they kicked out the jams on even a semblance of fiscal responsibility, signing off on the Medicare prescription drug benefit and building literal and figurative bridges to nowhere. From 2001 to 2008, federal outlays will have grown by an estimated 29 percent in inflation-adjusted terms, according to the Office of Management and Budget.

And I almost took issue with this part:

Now with about 5 percent (and climbing) support in polls of likely Republican voters…

Until I looked at the numbers. It seems he’s gotten a little boost just within the last couple of months. I sincerely think he should hang in there and nip at the big money in the race (although according to this article he IS the big money lately). Hopefully, maybe, possibly, we’ll have an actual discussion about real issues at one of these debates

Ron Paul, the patron saint of Libertarianism

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