A must read or watch on Meet the Press today. Out of all the Sunday shows Tim Russert’s is the last one that only SLIGHTLY drives me crazy and I am capable of watching without throwing things at my TV. Most importantly, the two candidates that I believe speak the best English were on. Tell me what ya’ll think. There’s some good stuff, but just a few quick comments:

1) Huckabee very adeptly separates his Pro-Life stance from his faith, which I think is long overdue. Christian faith and a belief in the sanctity of life, although potentially connected, are not synonymous.

And here’s a little snippet (in medias res) which I love where Tim is grilling Huckabee on immigration:

MR. RUSSERT: “Don’t punish those kids.” A week later, you said, “No, no, no, send the parents home,” and what happens to the kids?

GOV. HUCKABEE: They go with their parents. I mean, I can’t imagine a parent not taking their children…

MR. RUSSERT: But they’re American citizens. Why do they have to leave the country?

GOV. HUCKABEE: Because they’re–first, before they’re American citizens, they’re the children of their parents.

I could literally talk all day about how cool I think that line is.

2) Now maybe I’m not paying attention, but was this the first time I’ve heard a Democratic candidate for President utter the words, “Islamic Extremism” AND “Islamic Terrorism” in an interview.  Bravo.

Overall, I think it would be an absolute DREAM if both of these guys got nominated. I truly hope that it happens. Rarely will there be a better contrast of backgrounds, with a higher potential of logical ideas being hotly debated. As far as who wins…

Huckabee and Obama on Meet the Press
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