I’ve had numerous conversations with a plethora of fellow political junkies lately, and I have come to some startling (OK…not that startling) realizations:

1) Why is it that every ounce of political coverage on the election by the MSM is polling, polling, demographics, and more polling demographics, and ZERO is about the issues, how the candidates really compare? It has to do 100% with how well their campaign is doing or not doing, and 0% on how well they would govern if elected.

2) Why is the only person in the election that I’ve heard yet even MENTION the Tenth Amendment is supposedly only in the race because he attracts right-wing-fundamentalist-evangelical-conservatives, most of which don’t know what the Tenth Amendment is?

3) Now that I know almost every position of every candidate on most of the important issues, why am I still undecided on who to vote for? After making fun of people for years who wait till the last minute, am I going to make up my mind on the way to the polls?

Is anyone else feeling this way?

A couple of things just occurred to me today

2 thoughts on “A couple of things just occurred to me today

  • 1) I think part of it is that no one, except maybe Ron Paul and recently Tom Tancredo, is running on any one big issue. When was the last set of primaries where issues got a lot of coverage? I think it was probably 1996 when Steve Forbes ran on the Flat Tax. All the candidates have their issues, but none is central to their campaign. We did hear about Giuliani’s differences in issues with the GOP base. But recently we are hearing more about religion, with Romney and Huckabee. On the Dem side, all the front runners have the same issues, just variations on them, so what’s to talk about?

    As far as the emphasis on polls, it’s just reflective of our curious and impatient nature to know how things are going to turn out. That’s not a criticism, but it is what it is. Too bad the polls haven’t been able to shed much light on the future.

    2) Huckabee mentions it, but is no more faithful to it then anyone else (except Paul, who talks about the entire Constitution). I think the other GOP candidates have some respect for it, where Giuliani, Thompson, and Romney do talk about the role of the federal gov’t being very limited. They just haven’t referred to the amendment by name (that I’ve seen).

    3) Because they all have their pluses and they all have their minuses (assuming we are talking about the GOP candidates, who have pluses). Myself, I will be happy enough with any of the frontrunners in the GOP field, but I am enthusiastically a Rudy supporter even though he indeed has minuses.

    You at least differ from the people you make fun of because though you are undecided, you are also paying close attention. The people you laughed at haven’t paid attention.

  • I agree wholeheartedly on the coverage on MSNBC – but I don’t necessarily view it as a negative. It’s certainly NOT positive; I’ll give you that – but as the news has become entertainment, politics has become a sport.

    When Hillary makes a comment that “Now the fun starts” because she can go on the attack, you know we’ve slipped over some kind of edge where politics has become something it was never meant to be here in the USA. You can’t blame the media for covering that aspect, since it’s certainly the most juicy.

    One more reason I like Obama and Huck – change the damn discourse! Bring some civility and a positive vision and the people will respond. Is it any wonder that the press are mystified by the rise of these two?

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