I was actually at a loss for words (fairly rare), after watching last night’s debate.  What I can’t understand is why a 20-year Republican Senator has such little understanding of how business really works.  And I’m equally confused why a long-time business leader can’t put that Senator in his place.

I saw Anderson (et-al.) force a “two-man race” despite the obvious fact that neither of the two men had anything substantive to say, but the two of you did.  I do not agree with either of you on everything, but am convinced that both of you have a better understanding of true conservatism than either of your opponents.  Even though you represent different factions of the Conservative movement I want to make an appeal to you both:

Stay in.  Whatever you have to do…stay in.  I don’t care how many delegates you come into the convention with.  Fight your way to that convention tooth and nail and make sure the Republican party hears you both before they nominate anyone.  Republicans are more effective when they are underdogs.  Be underdogs and be effective.  That’s all I have to say…like I said loss of words.

Good luck.

An open letter to Huckabee and Paul.
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One thought on “An open letter to Huckabee and Paul.

  • Don’t worry, when the general election rolls around the Republican will be underdogs. The races may be over in a week assuming a big showing by McCain/Hillary on “Super Tuesday”. What’s interesting these days is how Americans hate those elected to office yet continue nominating the same faces over and over.

    McCain’s “economy” section on his campaign site ctually sounds like it was written by a Republican. Has McCain read it? Doubt it.

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