2 thoughts on “How to talk like a Jihadist

  • And I feel the same way about Obama…so perhaps we should give up on “a real discourse?” Obviously that ONE LINE counts for everything. LOL. You kill me.

    He’s acting the tough guy and he has the first chance at a one-liner in a state he has a shot at winning. Obama has taken pride at disagreeing with “Bush’s Allies” (meaning American allies), and has said outright he’s more than willing to go into Pakistan without their permission (at the same time we were carefully trying to thread the line with Musharaf). They’re both inexperienced in that area.

    AND, the quote is “if you attack one of our warships, the next thing you’ll see is the gates of hell” (approx.) not, “The evil Muslims must all burn in hell” THAT would be a little more jihadist…don’t you think?

  • Huckabee has also accused the Bush admin. of having a “bunker mentality,” do you agree with him there?

    And do you feel that having a less bunker mentality and feeling confident that our military can win any battle it faces are mutually exclusive?

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