I’m sitting here watching the “Combo” debates, which I thought was a great idea (more on the debate later), and it occurred to me that I haven’t posted on the Iowa Caucus.

In a nutshell:

Two of my favorite guys won, and I’m not surprised, and we all know why. Was anyone else completely NON-surprised by the Iowa Caucus?

My take on the Iowa Caucus

One thought on “My take on the Iowa Caucus

  • Dems: Especially at the beginning, everyone was jumping on the “change” bandwagon. I would love to count how many times that word was uttered.
    Obama: Same old, same old
    Clinton: Change=higher taxes; “Costs will be shared” $250k and higher will have higher taxes (great, I have a goal not to make this much money)
    Edwards: Special interests/money interests begets bad healthcare and higher gas prices (WTF!); profits bad
    Richardson: Carbon tax is a bad idea (very intelligent); why did he take so long to start speaking intelligently? He’s alive…he’s allliiiiive!!!!!
    Wish Biden was included just to add honesty/realism to foreign policy discussions.
    Keeping with the trend, Republicans were asked tougher questions. Put the kid to bed after the republicans debated, didn’t hear to much of it.

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