Sometimes spending too much time following politics is bad for your mental health. The last year the public has been presented with a multitude of foolish forums termed debates in order to, in my estimation, convince the American public that there are competent politicians in both parties. About 8 months ago, I reached my limit. It felt like a shell game. As an immigration bill was hotly debated in the Senate, a democratic forum for blacks was held and not a single question was asked regarding this important and pertinent issue, despite the fact that one of the questioners wrote about immigration on a regular basis.

I remember when a good friend of mine wrote his letter of intent for graduate school a careful reader noted that “I” constituted 7% of the words of the letter. It’s too bad no one can put a word count and editor on Hillary Clinton’s mouth. When the former prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated, Hillary Clinton said in New Hampshire, “I knew Benazir Bhutto for…12 years”. No matter the topic, it always starts and ends with Hillary and her large blue dress sized sense of entitlement. Bill Clinton’s recent bullying of reporters and, apparently, primary voters if laughable if it weren’t so sad. He must chuckle at least once a day over the 22nd amendment to the constitution.. The operable word in the Obama campaign has, by comparison, has always been “You”. Something Democrat rank and file should think about.

I spoke with my Dad today and we talked politics.  I asked who he liked for President, and he said, “McCain, he was a soldier, and a prisoner of war for five years.”  Well, I guess I could have talked about the nuance of McCain-Feingold, and McCain’s opposition to tax cuts, his recent infatuation with increased regulation of the energy sector.  All of it would fall on deaf ears.  He was a soldier and prisoner of war for five years, and no other candidate had to sacrifice as much for America as he did.  Apparently, about 30% of Republicans feel the same way.

Thoughts on the 2008 presidential race
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