I managed to catch a bit of an event with the Commonwealth Club of California where Huckabee was laying out his views on various issues. And after 30 minutes, I lost the ability to disagree with the guy on anything of substance. And believe me, this did not come without effort.

So I’ve decided to endorse Mike Huckabee for President (even have a little button on my little corner of the site).  Now thousands and thousands of LogiReaders will blindly go to the polls and vote for him because I SAID THEY SHOULD.

Most of you know my reasons for doing it…traditionalism, tenth amendment, executive experience, blah, blah, etc…Truth is, the guy just makes sense to me.  He approaches ideas like I would and even if we were to disagree on a couple of things, I essentially trust his judgment.  And when it comes to the Chief Executive spot, that’s the deal.  McCain has some foreign policy kudos, and Romney has some business acumen, but I simply don’t trust either of them.  Huckabee strikes a much more realistic note.

So there you go.  Go Mike.

There’ll be a press conference eventually, I’m sure.  Still working out the details.  :o)

Allright, that’s it…I like Mike.
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