Here is a note from Bobby. The Obama candidacy, in it’s way, is charting the course for a Jindal campaign in the future.

Dear Friends,

Bringing Transparency to Government

Thanks to the hard work of the Legislature over the past two weeks, we are now on the verge of passing strong ethics reform legislation called for by the people of Louisiana. Transparency and openness are the foundation of the new Louisiana, and these reforms will help move our state from the bottom five states to the top five in terms of strong ethics laws.

Transparency is critical to changing our state’s image and building a better Louisiana not only in the present, but for our children and grandchildren as well. Recent studies by both LSU and Forbes have shown that the most important issue Louisiana must address to entice more companies to locate in our state is a dramatic strengthening of our ethics laws. Thanks to the Legislature and your help, we are on the brink of accomplishing that goal.

For example, House Bill 1, one of the cornerstones of my ethics reform plan, will strengthen our state’s disclosure laws, making elected officials’ and many appointees’ financial records public and available on-line. This legislation has passed both the House and Senate and the final details are being worked out in a Conference Committee before being sent to my desk for signature.

Two other bills are also in Conference Committee- Senate Bills 1 and 8 – that will prevent state officials from obtaining state contracts and will put an end to the lavish meals that elected officials are currently able to accept.

These bills are critical to our efforts to reform our state’s ethics laws. These bills, along with others, are awaiting final passage by the Legislature, and are a testament to both the new Legislature and the people of Louisiana.

The cry for change has been heard, and, as we enter the final week of this special session, now is not the time for rest. There is still work to be done as these bills and many others are worked out in Conference Committees, and we still need your help to ensure their passage.

I have attached links to a few stories I believe you might find interesting regarding our ethics session.

“Key Bills in Ethics Reform Package Moving Toward Passage” The Daily Advertiser

“Jindal’s Ethics Plan on Track” The Baton Rouge Advocate

Meeting with Fellow Governors

I was pleased to attend part of the National Governors Association’s winter meeting in Washington, D.C. this past weekend. The meeting allowed me to meet with other governors to discuss and share ideas pertaining to transportation, education, and energy, three issues that are critical to the future of our state.

Many governors asked about the ethics reforms we are currently pursuing and expressed their support for these measures. The nation is taking notice that this is not the same old Louisiana, and that we are on the rise.


Governor Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal: bringing transparency to government

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