I think a large part of Obama’s success is that he uses “we” where Hiliary uses “I”.  Right now the red states are giving Obama a lead in the state count.  Let’s look ahead to see what happens in February.

Feb. 9 Washington and Nebraska caucus, Louisiana primary

Barack Obama has won every caucus except for Nevada, and on Super Tuesday he won Alaska, Idaho, and Colorado caucuses handily.  Those states demographically should be similar to Washington, except for a slightly higher Asian population in Washington.  Remember, Bill Clinton wanted to break up the microsoft monopoly?  Obama wins latte-sippers and Washington is the capital of latte.

Louisiana…done deal for Obama.  It is a closed primary so most whites are voting in the GOP primary.  New Orleans is still king in the state.

Nebraska…considering Obama won Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota, and Illinois, and that many of these western states were caucuses, you can’t help but think the momentum will swing his way by Saturday.

Maine will caucus.  It seems that if there are no black people in a state, Obama wins.  This might be a toss up with the Hillary win in Massachussets giving her momentum here…on the other hand there are a lot of independents (i.e. cranky white dudes) who will vote for Obama.  Remember it’s a caucus so this is a toss up.

Then there’s next Tuesday, with Virginia, Maryland, and DC.  Maryland and DC are in the bag for Obama.   Virginia has a 19%  black demographic, and my sources on the ground in Northern Virginia have told me that the latte-sipping elites tend to lean Obama.

Then there is Wisconsin, which may be for Obama what New Jersey was for Hillary.  Obama won Minnesota and Iowa, but those were caucuses.  It could be close, but it is conceivable that Obama wins Wisconsin as well, especially once the funds get spent and momentum can be generated from Washington and Maine.  That leaves Hawaii, which could very well break Clinton but with another caucus it could be close.

We could see Clinton win one (Hawaii) or maybe two (Maine) small states for the rest of the month.

Barack Obama is really hitting Hillary Clinton in the mouth.

Can Obama run the table in February…”Yes We Can”

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