2 thoughts on “CNN calling Virginia prematurely?

  • LOL…I honestly would have been shocked (pleasantly…but shocked) if Huckabee pulled off Virginia. But they’re sure talking about him, now. They have decided to embrace that which they simply do not understand.

    I think one could safely say that McCain will probably make it to the nomination with 1191 delegates…but not before March 4th, and thank God Huckabee will be there (along with Mr. Paul) to debate him on the 28th. Hopefully some good issues will be discussed and there will be less Jr. High “code word” talk.

  • Well, it’s 91% in and McCain’s got a good lead. But I think what is more interesting is Fox News was calling MD for McCain with less than 1% in. McCain has 687 votes to Huck’s 300.

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