I think it is becoming very evident that endorsements aren’t nearly as valuable as their recipients would like them to be.   This is why I’m so excited to hear that Clinton is ready to roll out some Texas endorsements. 

McCain has the endorsement of every Senator in Washington and 165 Southern Governors past and present; I think he’s expecting to announce that Ronald Reagan and Jesus Christ are going to be campaigning with him in Texas along with Governor Perry.

And still he can barely get the majority of the Republican vote in any of the States he plays in…and that’s among REPUBLICANS!

Clinton has a 30 year old machine working and slaving for her day and night, and with an INSANELY popular Democratic Governor stumping for her she STILL gets her ASS kicked in Maryland.

But at least she has promised us that she’s going to raise the minimum wage to $9.50.  Still waiting to see if McCain agrees with her or not.


3 thoughts on “Endorsements

  • Maybe McCain will raise it enough that I get a raise…then he definitely gets my vote.

    I am interested to see how heavily McCain courts the far Right in the coming months. Honestly, I think that if he panders too hard to the Right he has less of a chance of winning the general election. It’s too late to be changing key views. He is who he is, like John Kerry he has a lengthy voting record that speaks for itself.

    I like is chances against Hillary a lot better than his chances against Obama.

  • I’m a little intrigued at the term “Far Right” because I’m not sure what that means. I honestly think there are a few “right”s he’s in need of wooing: Social Conservatives, Fiscal Conservatives, and National Security (as in Border security) Conservatives–let’s see…yeah that’s all of them.

    The conventional wisdom by the pundits is always to “cater to the middle”…however that’s more effective from the left than it is the right. McCain doesn’t have the visionary ability or communication skills to simultaneously keep the Conservative base (or a significant enough portion of it) and inspire a disenchanted center.

    He has to choose. And if he chooses the center…against Barack Obama…he loses..experience is useless against “Vision”. I’m trying not to even entertain the thought of Clinton/McCain debates because just the mere thought of those two pissing at each other on stage just makes my eyes roll to the back of my head, but if I’m forced…I think that McCain might win the Center against Clinton.

    My personal suggestion would be to move to the right…hard and fast…and energize, (“scare” would be what the Democrats call it), and motivate the base. Give them a reason to show up in November and they will. It’s really all about turning out the base, unfortunately. It’s been about that for about 12 years, now.

    (Rip, this isn’t directed at you…but I’m about to vent…rare, I know).

    There was only really effective Conservative “centrist” in the campaign, and he got poopooed as a raving “liberal” by a group of people who either a) have no real understanding of what Federalism really is and b) just don’t like Baptist preachers telling them that there is indeed a moral responsibility to think about things like poverty, education, health and greed. Like those things just don’t exist….and when someone mentions an ALTERNATIVE to Government to solve those problems they’re given the “codeword” treatment. This suggests a logical dilemma whereas those things that shouldn’t be solved by Government laws and programs need not be discussed, addressed or vetted at all.

    If in doubt, just close your ears, scream “Free Markets” “Civil Liberties” and run fast. What have we come to? The concept of experienced Government executives (Romney, Huckabee) Governing their states in the most Conservative manner possible given the tools they were given and the Constitutions that they were tasked to abide by can’t stand up and make the argument for their ability to run another Government as effectively under ITS Constitution using the same principles…laughable.

    Meanwhile the one that TALKS about improving the health of America’s citizens (with very little detail) is labeled as a “Conservative Progressive” and the one who passes mandated Government-subsidized Health Care in his home state is praised as a TRUE fiscal Conservative. Why? Because he’s a great business guy.

    The one who lays out CLEAR distinctions between what his responsibilities are as Governor and what his role would be as President is labeled a “flip-flopping” “snake-oil salesman”. And the one who does a philosophical ABOUT FACE on one of the most important social issues of the past fifty years is shocked to find that people who take that issue seriously don’t believe him.

    What have we come to?

  • Far right is not what was in my head, just what I typed. I’m thinking the same groups as you – the fiscal conservatives that are worried about McCain’s record when it comes to tax cuts. There is a group of Republicans who are dissapointed with Bush and want a small gov’t candidate. These are the same voters that had high hopes in 1994 with the incoming Republican majority. Not sure how big this group is, but McCain is not their guy. He’ll have to push hard to get this vote.

    Also the wooing by McCain of the social conservatives is an interesting proposition.

    I think it is quite a fine line that McCain needs to walk…inspire the base while not appearing to be flopping. As I said earlier, I like his odds against Clinton much better than against Obama.

    Speaking of Obama, what do you think of the young vote that he is capturing? Who else has done that recently? What do these voters expect from Obama (or are they merely trying to prove that THEY matter)?

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