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Now, how is it that having the “Anti-McCain vote” split with Romney in the race doesn’t make it HARDER for McCain to clinch the nomination WITHOUT Romney in the race. It seems a little contradictory to me. Yet again, the Huck is being misunderestimated. Admittedly, it’s probably “one primary too late”, but it certainly doesn’t make it EASIER for McCain if Huckabee stays in…as he has sworn repeatedly he will…

McCain has probably just finished speaking at the same Conference that Romney spoke in. Mike Huckabee will speaking there Saturday morning. If only there was a McCain/Huckabee debate between now and then…

And why is it completely impossible to find a poll in ANY of the upcoming States (Louisiana, Virginia, Kansas–All States that Huckabee could potentially run strongly) in…newer than October?

Huckabee being shut down by the Press.
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3 thoughts on “Huckabee being shut down by the Press.

  • When I read your headline I thought –

    At last I have the answer to the question ‘What do Mike Huckabee and John Edwards have in common?’

    Let’s not forget that a media flurry a few months ago put Huckabee on the map. If he had not lost key states such as SC and Florida, I am sure the media would have been more generous.

  • If Huckabee would have won SC, you’re right…the media would have been more forgiving. But he has won 6 states (all Red States)..and John Edwards won zero.

    Edwards and Huckabee do have one thing in common: They acknowledge the existence of poor people. Edwards believes that the Federal Government is the solution, and Huckabee believes they are the problem.

    Huckabee is undeniably more conservative than McCain–on almost all counts…and his staying in will do nothing but good for the party. The same would have been true if Huckabee would have gotten out and Romney would have stayed in.

    It is imperative that McCain is not allowed to “move to the center”…

  • I am glad to see that Huckabee is staying in the race. Competition does keep things interesting. I’m going to predict that we may see a third party candidate of the social conservative ilk if McCain is the nominee.

    Any thoughts on how choosing McCain reflects on Bush? Or, on what it means for the future of the Republican Party? Or, for the general electorate? Could the country be moving to the left? That was not an easy thing to say, I think I’m going to need something to drink now.

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