Jonah Goldberg received a phone call yesterday from the Huckabee campaign, and here was his response:

I just got one! I’m part of the process!

I can’t tell you how rare this sensation is for me as conservative who group up in Manhattan and lives in the District of Columbia. A Republican candidate called and asked for my vote.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is his one substantive promise was to help DC get representation in Congress. I couldn’t care less about  that. Why couldn’t he promise to make DC federal tax free because we don’t have representation? That’s what I want.

 It’s hard to take Mike Huckabee’s candidacy seriously when he makes promises like this so easily, promises he shouldn’t keep.

Mike Huckabee: All Things, All People

4 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee: All Things, All People

  • OK…

    Bad News: Washington DC does not have Representation in Congress.

    Worse News: Washington DC taxpayers pay the same income tax as those who DO have representation in Congress.

    Good News: A Republican candidate for the Presidential race called a Republican voter in a 90% Democratic “State” and asked for his vote and asked for it on an issue that should be near and dear to that voter.


    Why should a Republican not feel the same as a Democrat that DC should have representation in Congress? Because it’ll be a hundred years before a Republican would ever be sent to Congress from DC? Probably True.

    In which instance is it more likely for the District to become more Republican? If a Republican pushes for them to have Representation, or if it’s only Democrats that push for it?

    Give me a break.

    More Good News, though. Jonah Goldberg has always had a sincere disdainfor Mike Huckabee. I understand why he does, but he is wrong about half a dozen things. He even calls him a “statist” which is patently and absolutely false.

    More on that…

  • Yes, Jonah Goldberg doesn’t like Mike Huckabee. What does that have to do with the DC issue? My brother would call that an ad hominem attack, Butch.

    I do wonder how the GOP in Virginia and Maryland feel about representation for DC, however.

  • I’m not sure how the majority of Virginia and Maryland voters feel about DC representation. I’m kind of torn about it…like I said before, it would be virtually impossible to get a Conservative representative out of DC anytime soon…but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve representation (OR as Jonah suggested…a tax break–which be one of the few appeals for me to move to DC.

    Serious question:

    It is a straw man argument to accuse someone of using a straw-man argument?

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