Someone explain to me why the Republican party of all party has a front loaded primary where delegate-heavy New York and New Jersey is winner take all…virtually guaranteeing that a Southern Conservative can’t possibly win them, and Louisiana is virtually a “winner-take-none” State…Virginia with 40% of its voting population in the DC suburbs…winner-take-all state.

Now I’m not fussin’, but just curious.  It seems odd to me that an obviously contentious election from the beginning would have four or five states engineered early on to eliminate a “Non-establishment” candidate.

I’m not a Republican, so I need this explained to me.

One question:

2 thoughts on “One question:

  • You know the states are the ones who make the decision, not the party as a whole. Assuming there was any diabolical plot in going on behind the scenes, it was probably the country club Republicans who wanted to get more influence in the party. Certainly not the Southern conservatives saying “we’ve had a good run. Let’s let someone else have a shot at the party now.”

  • That’s true…states do make the decision. But at what point do you think that Southern Conservatives have really had control of the party?

    Bush 41 certainly wasn’t…Bush 43 is only Southern because of his accent but every bit a part of that same “establishment” country club Republicanism.

    But you’re right, the country club Republicans do want EVEN MORE influence in the party…I’m just of the opinion that Southern Conservatives are being taken advantage of (or taken for granted) much to the same degree that African Americans are taken for granted by the Democratic party.

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