If anyone was under the delusion that Huckabee is just way too “Progressive” then they should probably think twice before recommending that Governor Pawlenty of Minnesota take that VP spot. 

George Will takes a look at a few other options, and ends it with a small sales pitch for Governor Pawlenty who he considers “a center-right politician in a center-right country.”  Sigh…(eyes rolling).  Lord knows we couldn’t have one of those pesky Christians occupying the White House.  It’s apparently better to have a blatantly liberal Republican than a Christian Conservative who has the audacity to at some point be a preacher.   It’s amazing how we can overlook pure left-wingness to castigate “Christian Populists”.

However, in the same article that George Will lumps together Huckabee and Edwards, I did find this little gem (sort of off-topic):

Economist Stephen Rose, defining the middle class as households with annual incomes between $30,000 and $100,000, says a smaller percentage of Americans are in that category than in 1979 — because the percentage of Americans earning more than $100,000 has doubled from 12 to 24, while the percentage earning less than $30,000 is unchanged. “So,” Rose says, “the entire ‘decline’ of the middle class came from people moving up the income ladder.” Even as housing values declined in 2007, the net worth of households increased.

Yet another example of someone who only understands their little portion of Conservatism and chooses to ignore the rest.

Someone help me come up with a good name for Libertarians posing as Conservatives. Maybe CINOs, or Libervatives…

Pawlenty makes Huckabee look like Paul
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3 thoughts on “Pawlenty makes Huckabee look like Paul

  • I don’t know much about Pawlenty, but we do have a populace that has moved to the left in the last 25 years. I only wish we had a “center-right” country.

  • My guess for why Huckabee isn’t the favorite as VP despite being the last man (besides McCain, of course) standing is that he shares some of the same problems as McCain in the eyes of conservatives – 1) he isn’t hard-core enough on immigration and 2) there is uncertainty regarding his tax-cutting credentials.
    As fun as it is to play the religious card, I doubt this is Huckabee’s problem. McCain would love to pick a guy that would bring him the evangelical vote, as he will need all the votes he can get (especially if he’s going against Obama).

  • I think it is fair to say that GWB is a Christian, and that much of the blowback Huckabee is seeing is a function of conservatives pushing back against what they see as the rehash of compassionate conservatism (without the title) under the guise of a nice-guy populism Huckabee embraces. So, in essence Huckabee suffered from the dissatisfaction of GWBs insufficient fiscal conservatism. Huckabee is out after Tuesday anyway, so might as well enjoy talking about him until then.

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