I really wanted this guy to run for President.  I was shocked and appalled at the way he was treated by the FEC ala McCain/Feingold, and will always wonder what could have been.  At the CPAC last week Newt had clear and concise ideas for the Conservative Government.

It is probably one of the most instructive speeches outlining truly logical Conservatism I’ve heard in quite a while.  Three very interesting things struck me as inevitable for the survival of the Conservative movement:

1) Declaration of Independence from the Republican Party.
2) A halt with the obsession of the Oval Office and all that Washington for our leadership.
3) A renewed focus on Conservative GOVERNMENT instead of packaged consultant-driven campaigns.

So in other words:

1) A movement of ideas and not personalities.
2) Bottom-up politics instead of top-down–starting with Boards of Supervisors, etc.
3) Keeping our promises and earning the America’s trust.

Anyway, you gotta see the whole thing…

Professor Gingrich
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