This is an interesting site about Free-Market medicine.

I particularly like this article where David Gratzer (author of The Cure) explains what the real problem is, and why socialization is not the answer. It begs the question: if we ARE in a market-driven system, why is it that costs don’t go down like other high-tech fields? The answer is: we’re NOT in a market-driven system. And it’s tough to argue that a truly market-driven system definitely wouldn’t work. So shouldn’t we try it first?

A lot of the rest of the site has videos that dispel some myths about the current system…like the number of people that are uninsured by choice, and the extent of the safety net for those who don’t have a choice.

A sister site, On the Fence Films, has a video about a brain surgery patient from Ontario which illustrates the flaws in a single-payer system.  Many of the arguments for “rationed care” simply comes to this:  only poor people are important, and those with jobs and money should have to wait just like everyone else.  Tell that to this gentleman.  The dirty truth is…even a poor person in the U.S. with no “coverage” would have better “access” than this middle class family in Ontario.  And our private system would eat the bill.

The Free Market Cure
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2 thoughts on “The Free Market Cure

  • If you did, I don’t recall it…the logic is hard to deny. Supporters of socialized medicine don’t require economic or logical thought as part of their argument. This does, and it makes more sense.

    But as usual, the only Presidential contender in the field who “gets it” on the REAL problem is Mr. Huckabee. A close second on this note is McCain actually. The real problem is that we should have a wellness system as opposed to a healthcare system. The trick is…there is only two ways to address that problem: a full-fledged Government TAKEOVER of all that is medicine, or a shift of responsibility back to the consumer.

    One would be a severe violation of Civil Liberties with minimal economic gains, and the other would preserve those liberties with SIGNIFICANT economic gains.

    The fed has a HUGE role in this…but it’s via tax REBATES instead of tax HIKES. No brainer for anyone who has even a SHRED of libertarian thought.

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