I’ve heard an interesting statistic TWICE over the last several months (one from a public official, and one from a lobbyist/academician):

That when you stack up Virginia with all of the other States from a “tax burden” standpoint, that Virginia is 47th out of 50.  This means that there are only 3 states that are more “tax-friendly.”  Isn’t that great?  My being a fiscal conservative lends me to believe that’s a good thing.  So I would call that a number 4 ranking not a 47.

There’s only one problem:  It isn’t true.  We do have a RELATIVELY friendly state for taxes, especially business taxes.  But 4th ranked we are not.  On individual taxes we usually rank (rank as in most “tax-friendly”) somewhere among the top 15-20, and on business taxes we were ranked number 8 for 2006.   We’re in the top half, but one thing strike me as odd:  Why would someone tout this statistic as a rationalization for RAISING taxes without any acknowledgment or analysis of whether there is indeed a connection between a higher tax burden and “better” government.

A few links on the subject:




The real good news for business owners:  I did hear (from another public official) that we were the HIGHEST ranked State (according to Forbes) from an overall “Business Friendliness” standpoint.  Guess what?  That one was true:


Virginia is tax friendly…but it’s not THAT tax friendly.
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