And again, the assumption is we’re just mindless drones.  The Washington Post reminds us boastfully of their insane ability to “take down a Republican” with the repetition of one word.

Folks, this is exasperating.  “Macaca” did NOT cost George Allen the Senate seat.  George Allen’s apparent lack of ability to actually have a conversation is what cost him the Senate seat.  He treated the race like it was his God-given right to have that spot and when the Democratic party put a former (emphasis on former) Reaganite up against him, he didn’t have the ammunition.  He seemed to have no message, no real reason for being there other than a) he was already there, and b) he was going to run for President.

Someone please tell me in what world did he deserve to keep his spot, and if he would have squeaked by and kept it, why he would deserve the Oval Office.

Don’t get me wrong…I voted for him.  I’d vote for him again, and I’m sure he’s a good conservative…but if anyone here followed that race, did anyone but me get the impression that he didn’t really have a whole lot to say and Jim Schwebb had a WHOLE LOT to say.

First of all, what iffing is useless, because the if is over.

Second, one word or one statement or one gaffe is only a campaign killer if the campaign has not really said much else…and that’s what happened.

Third, when are we going to start expecting from our “Conservative” candidates what we should expect from them–the consistent sale and push for Conservative ideals–as opposed to what we’ve been getting from them–inane pap and a sense of entitlement.

What if George Allen…who’s George Allen?
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5 thoughts on “What if George Allen…who’s George Allen?

  • It’s not that Allen didn’t have a lot to say. He had plenty, but he ran to the left of Webb. And he ran a very negative campaign as though he was trying to bring down an incumbent, rather than running on his own record which is quite good.

    At the same time, while I don’t think that “macaca” alone brought down his candidacy, it did hurt a lot in the sense that that was all the local media talked about and asked him about. He could have showed up to a press conference wearing a dress and high heels and the media still would’ve been asking about “macaca”.

    Plus this may be a matter of splitting hairs, but from talking to different people involved with the Allen campaign, I didn’t detect a sense of entitlement to win, but certainly an expectation to win.

    Now, having said all that, here’s a corollary to the what iffing… what do you think of Allen as a VP running mate for McCain? On the one hand I think he would be very capable to take over as prez, he’s got the conservative credentials that will help assuage the GOP base. But on the other hand, does someone who just lost an election provide a boost to a campaign? Especially when George Allen has gotten national attention with the whole macaca thing?

  • I don’t know how national that attention really was…but I will say I’m a little cynical about whether it really matters.

    The way McCain drops names and parades around his endorsements…I’m not sure his campaign really has caught on to how little that helps him.

    I’m indeed convinced that McCain definitely needs to stop pretending that he doesn’t need help with Southern Conservatives. This is why almost every Southern Republican Governor since Reconstruction is lining up like it’s an American Idol competition to be the VP contender. This includes of course George Allen…and I think he’d be a viable candidate and I doubt seriously that his Senate loss would be a factor.

    I’m actually leaning towards Sanford…but who knows. There is one Governor who has proven some interstate Southern skills, but he might not be the right choice for a variety of reasons.

    I wish it was 2012, though. I would certainly push for Bobby Jindal. He needs to have a full term or two as Governor, first, though.

  • Again…a State where a Republican is unlikely to be a real player in a General Election in which all (or most) of the States are “winner-take-all”…

    But I see your point. Honestly, George Allen is much better off not being in the Senate if he runs…especially given the fact that McCain needs executive balance as much as he needs regional or topical balance. George is better off appealing to voters based on Gubernatorial experience and forgetting he was ever part of the “Washington Establishment.”

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