I figure if the New York Times can endorse for both primaries, so can Logipundit.

#1 Obama is his own man. He earned his spot the hard way. He was in the state Senate of Illinois for 6 years before becoming Senator. Although he only has two years of experience before running for president, how much experience do you need to be a Senator? How many years of experience as a Senator do you need to qualify for running for president. Neither Hillary nor Obama crafted “fantastic” legislation like McCain-Feingold, or McCain-Kennedy, yet that probably works in their favor. If this nation is really going to vote for a Senator for president, then a Senator who has spent the least amount of time in Washington is probably best. Republicans don’t need to wonder what Michelle Obama’s agenda is because Barack has been forthcoming about his liberalism (unlike Bill was) and doesn’t need Michelle or Oprah to wag their fingers at reporters to climb ahead of the polls, like Hillary needs Bill.

#2. Republicans want a clean fight. Barack presents straight up, unapologetic liberalism. No third way nonsense. Also, it seems like we won’t have to worry about interns and Michelle Obama being a lesbian, they seem like a normal family. See, that’s a fine contrast from Lady Macbeth and her stupid cackle. Can you imagine four years of that hideous cackle? Hillary can mention Rezko all she wants but she is living in a house of thin glass walls and may want to be wary of calling the kettle…uh, black.

#3. Barack Obama has been opening up cuts in the Billary machine for all the country to see, which provides so much fodder for the GOP should she win the nomination. The crying, Bill pouting and throwing temper tantrums, that hideous fake cackle, fake rhetoric, and absolute shallowness that the Clintons exude simply would not have come to pass had this been a Billary coronation. Then when the GOP would try to expose some of these flaws it would be a right wing conspiracy.

Anyhow, the polls look close and I’m inclined to think Obama will do better in Tennessee, Alabama, and even Arkansas, Missouri, and New Jersey than the polls say. Thus far every state Obama has visited, he’s been close or won in a landslide, including New Hampshire and Nevada. Hillary was not close at all in Iowa (1.1% black) or South Carolina. In an election where proportional delegates are allotted from most states, this favors Obama. If he can stay close in rural states and California and win in the south and mid-atlantic states by wide margins, he could well take this nomination.

Also, can anyone imagine putting a Hillary speech to music, and people listening to it? No, right?

Why Republicans like Obama

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