I just don’t know what to say to this…all I know is I saw Marion Berry on the news saying, “Uh…Tell ’em ‘No'”

Warrantless searches in DC.

The Supreme Court is about to strike your 2nd Amendment ban, so obviously it makes tons of sense to go ahead and violate the 4th Amendment as well.

Another first…I agree with Marion Berry
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3 thoughts on “Another first…I agree with Marion Berry

  • Yeah, this is a bit over the top. I’m not for warrantless searches and seizures, but after reading and re-reading both Huston’s post and Butch’s comments, I am again dizzied by the fictions and contradictions that we have here. Both writers are correct to say that a Constitutional right has been violated. To speak in such general terms, Logipundit, is to ignore the much greater issue of gun control and gun violence as well as the context in which this mandate has been made. If you can make certain exceptions to privacy laws—such as with wiretapping or the innumerable home invasions we have made abroad—why is this such a hard one to make here at home regarding the gun problem we have here at home? There’s a contradiction.

    Here’s a fiction (from Huston): “this move can be likened to a losing nation putting to death every POW in their possession as the enemy is entering the city gates.” Hardly so. Confiscating a gun is not ending a human life. I understand Huston’s point, that it’s futile to continue fighting a lost cause. But Huston is concocting fear propaganda with a bogus analogy, using language that compares gun confiscation to murder. This reminds me of an email recently circulated by “journalist” Doug Patton. It compares Obama’s link to Jeremiah Wright to a hypothetical(!) link between George W. Bush and KKK leader David Duke. These writers use clever words to mislead readers first into believing these are legitimate comparisons and secondly that the subject in question must therefore be equal in its evil. Jeremiah Wright is hardly David Duke just as gun confiscation is hardly murder. Yet this sort of writing does the trick, readers are left with this feeling of their innocence having been stolen by evil political leaders. Consider the reader comment following Huston’s article: “this just gives more credence to the belief that citizens need arms in order to prevent governmental tyranny.” What tyranny? We are not living in China. The United States is not going to turn into China if it were to ban guns. Stop whining. Pretty please.

  • Stop whining? We are not living in China? At what point are we supposed to protest? LOL…LMAO. So warrantless wiretaps, the Patriot Act are fascist and scary, but warrantless home-searches, we should just stop whining.

    Uh…OK. (and the POW analogy didn’t work for me either, by the way, and I by no means subscribe to the entire post)…But I’ll stay on topic.

    So you are against warrantless searches, on that we can agree. What is your position on the D.C. handgun ban?

    Give me the context…pretty please.

  • Rothell,

    I think Rev. Wright’s words speak for themselves, bro. You may say they were taken out of context, but those videos were up for sale in his church. Sure he’s no David Duke, but I’d venture to guess most people would say he’s worse than Pat Robertson. This business about the gov’t pushing AIDS and crack in the cities is paranoid and foolish, just as foolish as Duke’s nonsense. Many of Wright’s parishioners don’t know better, but Barack and Rev. Wright should, and it is shameful that Wright perpetuates this garbage.

    Nevertheless, I think it’s a clean sweep on agreement with Marion Barry here. To paraphrase Scottie, when Marion Barry says 2+2=4 I’m inclined to agree with him.

    Perhaps the gov’t can push this further by requiring DC citizens to house our soldiers and police officers?

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