Democrats wish to raise them.

As families across Southwest Louisiana struggle to pay higher prices at the pump, rising mortgage rates and escalating healthcare costs, the House Democratic leadership approved the largest tax hike in American history. Their budget will raise taxes on families and individuals, old and young, rich and poor- all to pay for wasteful Washington spending. Taxpayers in Louisiana face average tax increases of $2,642, and small businesses face an additional $4,000 on averageIt is simply irresponsible.


Each year, Congress debates a budget for the coming year. The budget should be an outline of priorities. Growing our economy, helping American entrepreneurs and allowing families to keep more of their money are what a responsible budget should accomplish. This Democratic budget is simply a wasteful tax hike on working families. We need a budget that will lead to American prosperity, not bigger government.


The Democratic budget proposal includes a massive $683 billion tax increase over five years in order to finance Washington spending according to the Congressional Budget Office. The Associated Press reported, “[b]oth houses of Congress endorsed the idea of tax increases for millions of Americans Thursday as Democrats pressed ahead with budget plans that would allow some or all of President Bush’s reductions to die after he leaves office.” While failing to address growing entitlement programs, House Democrats are proposing tens of billions more in new federal spending facilitated by the tax increase.


Extra money for tax hikes might be in the family budget for people in San Francisco, but families in Southwest Louisiana do not have extra room in their checkbooks. I am committed to responsible spending and low taxes to keep the economy growing. Americans should be allowed to keep more of their hard-earned money. You earned it.

 The bottom line is that the GOP has spent a lot of money domestically and abroad.  By being so reckless and irresponsible with the spending, particularly with the domestic pork, it opened the door for the democrats to raise taxes, creating a vicious cycle.

Charles Boustany on taxes
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