Just voted for Ron Paul.  Jon Cornyn is running against a Texas secessionist, so I had to vote for him in the primary too.  If it looked like Huckabee had a chance, I’d vote McCain, but as it is I had to raise my fist in protest and vote my heart, now that my man Romney is out of the race.

Hillary is going to win Texas.  Oklahoma and Tennessee went pretty solidly for the Billiary, and I see northern and western Texas democrats voting the same way.  Obama has momentum, and it will be close.

Hillary wins Ohio with a good bit of unnecessary pandering to the Jews, using the unfortunate endorsement of Louis Farrakhan against Obama.  Cleveland and Columbus has it’s fair share of politically moderate Jews and they will break for Hillary.  Ohio State will demonstrate that it is not like Wisconsin and turnout among the college kids will be low and won’t necessarily break for Obama.  This is John Edwards country and some people may just stay at home.

With a win at Rhode Island that makes three wins out of four, and even though Texas will be close that puts 7 out of the 10 most populous states in Hillary’s favor, a stat which she will use to pry superdelegates her way.  This dreadful charade shall continue until the convention as the remaining states will break evenly for The Liar (Kentucky Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia) and Barack (all the rest).  Will the GOP just start calling him Black Hussein Osama in order to aid and abet The Liar?  Tune in next week at any of your major news networks.

Texas Ohio predictions

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