I just received an update from Dr Boustany explaining some of the new reforms Bobby Jindal is trying to establish at the state level. There was also a poll which asked if I would prefer to see a doctor that used electronic records that were patient owned. Of all the medical tests I’ve taken over the years I’d have to say I own none of them, and don’t have ready access to them…anyway, here’s the post from Dr. Boustany.

During my career as a heart surgeon, I saw too many patients who were trapped in a paper-based system that led to duplicative tests and tragic avoidable medical errors. Despite the advancement of innovative health information technology, America’s healthcare system remains trapped in the 20th century.

The need for health IT and health information exchange became even more apparent during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, when I saw displaced patients present themselves in makeshift clinics with little or no medical history to guide their health providers. To date, many physicians remain reluctant to convert their offices to electronic health records because many are unwilling or unable to handle the cost.

We must do more to empower patients and providers with better information about health care costs and quality, and protect patients’ control over their personally identifiable information and individual treatment decisions.

I believe both political parties clearly understand that we need to modernize our healthcare system to give patients better value for their healthcare dollars.

The Governor is right to spearhead this important issue at the state level, and I look forward to working towards straightforward solutions to increase access for all Americans to quality healthcare while decreasing costs.

Bobby pushing for modernizing health care

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