A new(?) non-profit organization, McCain Source, is running “informative” commercials about…you guessed it…John McCain. The latest commercial that I saw was one that informed me that McCain voted not to extend coverage to uninsured children, but I already new this. What was really informative was what was implied: McCain does not care about children! Who actually buys this stuff? I love children, the elderly, the oppressed, deer that accidentally die when crossing the road…To prove this, do I have to provide free healthcare, free education at Harvard, free food, free housing, guaranteed job, and subsidies or tax rebates from all the guilty rich people? BS.

McCain Source is run by Progressive Media USA, a 501C4 issue advocacy organization who informs the public “about the risks of conservative policies and leaders” and counters the “right-wing message machine”. They claim to be non-partisan and I think that is a reasonable claim, don’t you? Anyone know about these folks?

An aside on healthcare: I am certainly not confident in the nominees’ abilities to carry on an intelligent conversation regarding healthcare. As such, I predict that there will be many “health care” ads, articles, and propaganda that pray on the fears of the ignorant.

McCain wants children to die!

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