This is an interesting article about the view of “The Great Satan” as it sends aid around the world within hours of a natural disaster, while the U.N. sits back and criticizes.  Although the author is more than anything ANTICIPATING criticism about our actions in Myanmar last week than he is citing actual examples, he is asking basically for all to give “credit where it is due.”  My favorite example of past criticisms of U.S. humanitarian efforts (back in 2004 when the Tsunami hit):

The resentment that comes from needing the military and economic might of the US translated into the most absurd criticism. Jan Egeland, the former UN boss of humanitarian affairs, cavilled about the stinginess of certain Western nations. His eye was on the US. Former British minister Claire Short was equally miffed, describing the initiative by the US and other countries as “yet another attempt to undermine the UN”, which was, according to her, the “only body that has the moral authority” to help.

Our nation’s moral authority is constantly called into question from within and without, but it’s funny when it comes to taking action in the world, the UN’s moral authority rarely turns into action, and when it does, it’s often U.S. personnel and U.S. resources who bring on that action.

The U.S., the U.N., and Moral Authority
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