The Obama campaign is as of this moment 4 delegates short of clinching the nomination before the polls have even closed in Montana and South Dakota.  Rest assured the next 48 hours (or few weeks) will be a consistent (and at least partially understandable) media orgasm on the Democratic party electing our nation’s first African American Presidential Nominee from a major party.  And rest assured there will be about 10 times as much talk about the historical nature of the nomination as about the real issues.

(This is just a very brief aside, but I just heard Wolf Blitzer suggest to the McCain campaign that they should just “let Obama have his night.”  What a pompous ass.)

But that honeymoon will wear off, and EVENTUALLY, MAYBE, we’ll be able to have a real conversation without fear of being branded as racist, insensitive, or politically incorrect.  My only contention is that it is at THAT point that we will can say we’ve made some progress as a nation on the issue of race.

Can’t wait.

Audacity of Hope Indeed

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