Must ado has been made in response to LA SB 672 that would more than double Louisiana Legislature Salaries. It would increase their part-time salary to approx $37k for a 3-month session; this is equivalent to $148k for a full-time job (view legislative session length by state and legislative salaries comparison by state) While he has repeatedly stated that he thought the increase wrong, Jindal suggested that if he vetoed the increase, then other issues bills that he felt would move the state forward would be more difficult or impossible to pass. Some have started a petition to recall the new governor while others have quietly documented those legislators who voted in favor of the bill so as to not vote for them in coming elections. For those in the latter category, I hope this saves you some time:

For: House: Anders, Arnold, Aubert, A. Badon, Baldone, Barrow, Billiot, Burford, T. Burns, Burrell, Carmody, Chaney, Connick, Cromer, Dixon, Downs, Edwards, Ellington, Foil, Franklin, Gallot, Gisclair, Harrison, Henderson, Hoffmann, Honey, Hutter, G. Jackson, M. Jackson, R. Jones, LaBruzzo, LaFonta, Lambert, Leger, Lopinto, Marchand, McVea, Monica, Morrell, Norton, Nowlin, Peterson, Pugh, Ritchie, Schroder, Simon, Smiley, G. Smith, P. Smith, Templet, White, Williams, Willmott, Wooton. Senate: Mr. President, Adley, Broome, Crowe, Dorsey, Duplessis, Dupre, Erdey, B. Gautreaux, Gray, Jackson, Kostelka, LaFleur, Marionneaux, Martiny, Minchot, Murray, Nevers, Shepherd, Thompson

Against House: Abramson, Armes, B. Badon, Barras, H. Burns, Carter, Champagne, Chandler, Cortez, Danahay, Doerge, Fannin, Geymann, E. Guillory, M. Guillory, Guinn, Hardy, Hazel, Henry, Hill, Hines, Howard, Johnson, S. Jones, Katz, Kleckley, LeBas, Ligi, Little, Lorusso, Mills, Montoucet, Perry, Ponti, Pope, Richard, Richardson, Richmond, Robideaux, Roy, J. Smith, St Germaine, Talbot, Trahan, Waddell Senate: Alario, Amedee, Cassidy, Cheek, Cravins, Donahue, N. Gautreaux, Hebert, Heitmeier, McPherson, Morrish, Mount, Quinn, Riser, Shaw, Walsworth It will be interesting to see which one of these lucky legislators will get re-elected…we’ll keep you updated.

This article (at the bottom) cites a law that allows LA legislatures to forego the salary increase; I wonder which legislators (if any) took this route?

Louisiana Legislature Votes for Doubling Current Salary
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One thought on “Louisiana Legislature Votes for Doubling Current Salary

  • Don’t think it’s fair to recall Bobby for the actions of the legislation. Bobby’s really caught between a rock and a hard place. He really is right to say that he shouldn’t take rice out of the legislators bowls before asking for more tax breaks etc. This recall bid on Jindal is misdirected anger.

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