This was a good idea. From the Advocate

A bill that would initially cut state income taxes by $359 million per year won final legislative approval Tuesday.

The measure, Senate Bill 87, cleared its last legislative hurdle when the Senate passed it 38-0.

The same measure breezed through the House last week 102-0 and now goes to Gov. Bobby Jindal, who earlier endorsed the proposal and called the Senate action “terrific news.”

Also Jindal supports the idea of making lemonade out of lemons, if by lemons one means “destroyed interstate bridges” and lemonade is “coastal reef barriers.” From the Times Picayune:

Gov. Bobby Jindal on Tuesday threw his support behind plans for using concrete from the demolition of the Interstate 10 twin spans to create fishing reefs in Lake Pontchartrain and help shore up New Orleans’ storm defenses.

The reef plans call for sinking the rubble of two 500-foot bridge sections at two locations between I-10 and the U.S. 11 bridge. The reefs, proposed by the Coastal Conservation Association, a nonprofit group, are intended to boost recreational fishing in the area.

A team from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, with help from other agencies, is still reviewing separate proposals for using the concrete, which Jindal said will save the state upward of $15 million. Parts of the bridge will likely go toward reinforcing levees and strengthening breakwaters off the coast to help reduce storm surge in the lake.

As usual, Jindal is applying a little known skill in politics, that is making priorities. That means some programs get cut, and some projects that have higher priorities get funded. When the benefit of the state takes the top priorities, NGOs and teachers unions tend to lose. I still don’t think he’ll get picked to be VP simply because McCain wants someone to tow his line, and Sarah Palin definitely fits that role and can help garner the coveted white housewife vote.

Repealing the Stelly Tax
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