Recent attempts were made to obtain Virginia transportation funds outside of the regular and more popular means of raising taxes.  VA Senate Bills SB6005 and SB6011 were combined and aimed to set aside a majority of revenues received from offshore drilling for transportation dollars.  Today, this bill was voted down (predictably straight down party lines) in committee. Congratulations to those Virginia Senators who are thinking outside the box with regard to funding VA Transportation.  Those who opposed the bill sighted potential environmental effects of offshore drilling.

The outcome of this vote only solidifies my belief of Democrat’s wish to raise funds by repeated taxation of their constituents.  Tax hikes, I dread, is Democrat’s modus operandi…tax hikes disguised as “fairness” but socialist in application.  I digress

When I think of offshore drilling, I cannot help but think of Louisiana and the lack of significant oil spills even in the face of numerous 100+ mph hurricanes.   Following are links to research of the environmental affects of Offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico:

Destroyed/disabled platforms during hurricanes converted to artificial reefs (Link 1, Link 2)

Fish population at existing and working platforms.

Drilling pipes and associated canals cause salt water to encroach fresh-water ecosystems. Be that as it may, I am not convinced that this is the only contributor to decline of LA’s freshwater ecosystems.   In our arrogance to control nature, we’ve built numerous levees that prohibit the natural flow of rivers and as such destroy fresh water flood ways and ecosystems (One for certain–Achafalaya Basin).  Levee systems have systematically destroyed LA’s wetlands and coastal fishing industry while platforms have increased fishing sources.

TRANSPORTATION UPDATE:  The VA Democrats followed with their own bill to raise the VA gas and sales tax to raise transportation funds.  This bill promptly got voted down by the Republican House.  The state legislature will have another special session with the hopes of coming to a consensus for generating transportation funds.

DRILLING UPDATE:  Forbes just published a list of highest paid blue-collar jobs.  These jobs included oil extraction and gas refinery jobs.  The vote this past week was just another way to say, “Screw you, Virginia blue-collar worker!”

Virginia Senate votes against offshore drilling, transportation
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