One of the many times of the year when annual “best of” lists come out. Any time start seeing these in the middle of the summer I am happy because there is no real news out there. Anyhoo, note that Loudoun County had 58% job growth last year. I figure 10 years from now DC suburbs will stretch out to Marietta, OH.

If you would like to actually afford the house you live in, however, you may want to consider the H-town. Houston added 100,000 jobs last year (100.001, if you include mine). There are millions of Houston haters out there, typically those that work in the media, guys like Bill Simmons from ESPN who for some reason prefers to live in Los Angeles.

Over the course of the summer I’ve seen an Astros game and wandered into a free symphony concert in the park right next to my house. There are plenty of great concerts in the summer and a ton of theater seats. To all the haters on the coasts, please don’t move here and try zone us out and flip our houses and bust our economy…stay where you are, hate on Houston, and be miserable.

Can’t hate on Harris, Loudoun Counties
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