The great philosopher and basketball player Rasheed Wallace has said on occasion that “The ball don’t lie”. He says that every time he gets called for a foul he doesn’t deserve, and the player he “fouled” misses a free throw. It is the modern expression of karma, and it is a real simple concept. You see, it’s real easy to lie to others, and it’s almost as easy to lie to yourself, but the consequences of your actions are there for the world to see, and often things come to a head and force you to be honest with yourself and perhaps own up to those actions.

I’ll give a couple of examples. When I came back from Taiwan I brought back a suitcase full of black tea. Every morning I drank a big mug of black tea and didn’t drink water until about noon. After a couple months of this I start doubling over with excruciating pain. I couldn’t even focus on simple tasks. I was vomiting, couldn’t keep anything down. Thought I was having some serious intestinal problems. Finally I found out I had a kidney stone. You see, an ingredient in black tea binds to calcium and if you drink enough of it, the kidneys filter out all the liquid and you have concentrated black tea/calcium rock stuck in your kidney. I swear if you talk to anyone who had a kidney stone they will tell you they think they are dying they are going through so much pain. The kidney stone didn’t lie.

Now today I’m having pain under one of my fillings. A couple of weeks ago the dentist told me to change the filling but I canceled my appointment last week because my tooth didn’t hurt. But for the last few months I haven’t brushed my teeth in the morning, and I’ve been drinking these canned coffees with 21 grams of sugar. I’ve weighed out 21 g of sugar and it is substantial, and the tooth don’t lie.

After 18 we are adults and can’t blame others for our actions. We all know what our bad habits are and what we need to do to change those habits. Unfortunately, we have to be confronted with a cavity, or a kidney stone for us to change our habits.

On Habits
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