Looking through the 2008 Democratic convention schedule, two things came to mind.  One is that Michelle Obama is keynoting tonight, Monday the 25th.  This really got me thinking.  If my wife, who is an occupational therapist, were to give a talk at a therapist convention, could I give a speech also?  I mean, we talk about her work every day, so that should qualify me, right?  The interesting pivot here is that early on Obama shied away from the power couple meme because he was running against Hilary.

I guess I could understand a 10 minute introduction speech, but letting Michelle keynote.  I watched Michelle give a speech before, it was not pretty.  Must presidential wives give keynotes?  Theresa Heinz Kerry was disastrous, but at least she wasn’t inflammatory.  I fear that Michelle may very well put a dent in Baracks poll rating.  He may finish strong, but people will be paying attention to Michelle.

There are a couple of notable absences that caught my eye…Al Gore and Howard Dean.  The environment has been one issue without much traction this season.  Perhaps these people are hearing from their constituents about high gas prices.  See when you have real problems you don’t need to create imaginary ones.  Is Al Gore not willing to be kicked around anymore?  Perhaps all the attention from the academy and Nobel committee was all too much.  Well, Gore may be the best chance to prevent the ascension of Hilary in 2012, and maybe a self-imposed exile might do him some good in that regard.

The absence of Howard Dean is notable because he is the most outspoken critic of the war, and I guess with the success of the surge the dems don’t want to revisit that.  Along these lines, one might also wonder where Gavin Newsome is, that maverick in support of gay marriages.

A generic Democrat wins this election, and this convention is designed to appease Hilary (and set her up for 2012) and make Obama look like a generic democrat.  Unfortunately, he is by no means generic, and that is a double edged sword.

If you are a democrat and you want to win in November, wouldn’t you think it would be in the bag had you nominated Al Gore.  I’m fairly conservative, and I would consider voting for Gore over McCain.  But I won’t vote for Obama.  And there are a lot of GOP members that are frustrated with this administration and the party, but just aren’t willing to pull the lever for the most inexperienced and liberal member of the Senate.  The GOP will owe all those primary caucus types a debt of gratitude for overplaying their hand.

Democratic Convention; schedule and notable absences

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