On the whole this convention has been fairly tepid.  Perhaps we have a generation public speakers that can only speak in sound bites.  Interestingly, Deval Patrick is the son of Laurdine Patrick, sax and bass player for Sun Ra for forty years.  I have a feeling Deval shares his fathers opinion on nuclear war.  Anyway he’s right to say that it takes one generation to go from poor to rich.  A nice, refreshing lack of race mongering for the convention.  That doesn’t mean he is a good governor or that Barack Obama should be president.

Schweitzer is the anti-Clinton.  Brief and awesome.  Bolo ties for everyone in the house!

Hillary’s two songs in her video.  Sanjaya’s “You Really got me” ( A dig at Hillary’s earlier Sanjaya reference)

Lenny Kravitz “Are you going to go my way” (I.E. will you throw your support behind Obama?  Make ’em count those delegates, girl!)

Tom Petty’s “American Girl”

Oh, this is fun.

Deval Patrick’s speech
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