Obama picked Joe Biden, at midnight on a Saturday.  Weak.

I’ve noticed an old practice politicians have employed has become more and more common.  Bury the bad news on a Friday afternoon and announce big plans on a Monday morning.  Last monday I was expecting Obama to announce his pick simply because his campaign has been so disciplined about following this doctrine.  The timing of this pick could simply mean that Obama didn’t want to knock the Olympics off the front page…but the Olympics are on the sports, not political pages.  The last politician to announce news on a Friday was John Edwards, and that was to hide his shame and embarrassment.  See that is kind of news you announce on a Friday.  Either Obama is embarrassed to pick the guy who called him articulate and clean, or, more likely, his other options didn’t pan out.  Here is my email from yesterday morning to a colleague who shall remain nameless after he suggested it was Biden or Kaine.

Smart money is on Kaine.  My buddy in Virginia says that really puts Virginia in his column.  Biden, goodness how depressing would that be?  Biden made no headway as a candidate, so what does another old Senator bring to the table?  I have to think Hillary is waiting until 2012 during which she may have a much easier primary, making her ascension much more Nixonian.  Sadly for America, 4 years of McCain followed by 8 years of Clinton is a likely scenario.  Kaine may be the only Veep pick with an impact besides Clinton.  If Clinton buys in Obama certainly wins but she won’t go and he won’t ask.

Then again a Clinton VP almost certainly puts her as too old to be president in 8 years, so there’s an upside to everything.

I have a feeling we have a 1 term president either way here, with far too many problems inherited from this admin and congress.  It’s hard being #1 and Americans simply aren’t willing to work hard enough to stay on top economically, I fear.  No amount of government bailouts can change that.

Ok, perhaps I should have wrote, “Obama’s smart money would be on Kaine.”  Hilary is running again in 2012, the purpose of which seems to be to keep Fox News and the rest of the right wing media in business.  I hope I’m wrong about McCain being a one term president, and a one-term pledge by him would be very foolish…two years and he is a lame duck, people.

Besides Hilary, Kaine was the only pick to bring any impact to the table.  He’s young, but I doubt that would hurt the ticket much.  Biden is merely a sacrificial lamb here.  The primary season showed us that bottom up support, which tends to support local mayors and governors, trumps broad based top-down (e.g. media driven) “consensus”.  Consensus said HIlary and Guiliani were supposed to be the nominees.  And the Senatorial consensus on Obama was upset time after time in Massachussets, West Virginia, and other states.

Now, if McCain were cynical and a bean counter, he’d pick Sarah Palin, because we all know white women scream like Banshees in fear of the Irack Hussein Osama!  I don’t think McCain is that simple minded.  McCain will pick someone he likes who he can trust…I think that rules out Romney, though he is a real team player and would be a good attack dog.  His business acumen would be a real asset that McCain acknowledges he needs.  Sadly it seems that he’d pick Lindsay Graham, simply because the guy is McCain’s wingman.  Period.  McCain is a pilot and he wants a good wingman.  So to all the governors out there, buzz off, this is an executive race about legislative power.

The Weakness of Biden
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