Jim Bunning’s recent speech
The gist:

Well, I am not buying it, and neither are many of the nation’s leading economists. If some sort of government intervention is needed to fix the mess created by the government failures I talked about earlier, we need to get it right. Congress owes it to the American people to slow down and think this through. We need to know that whatever we do is going to fix the problem, protect the taxpayers, not reward those who made bad decisions, and make sure this does not happen again. But we can not do that in one week as we are all trying to rush home. Congress needs to take this seriously and stay here until we find the right solution, not just throw 700 billion dollars at Wall Street as we walk out the door.

Jim Demint’s recent ad

(Ok, the last two minutes are campy. but the first seven are right on)

Demints graph showing the amount of money donated by Fannie and Freddie to Obama vs. McCain was laughable. McCain received $862/year from Fannie and Freddie vs 42K/year for Obama. Even accounting for the many years McCain has been in office, this difference is egregious. Obama received more donations from Fannie and Freddie than any other Senator currently serving. These Senators know the score, urge your representatives to support them.

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Jim Bunning and Jim Demint: Two Senators making sense
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