The 2008 convention was the most sloppy, unorganized convention I’ve ever seen.

Joe Lieberman was a disaster.  I guess to make Sarah look good by comparison?

I felt bad for Mitt Romney for trying to throw out a low of red meat.  He looked desperate out there.

Mike Huckabee has killer charm on the pulpit podium.  When Sarah mentioned that “Some politicians use ‘change’ to promote their careers, and some leaders, like John McCain use their careers to promote change.”  He mouthed, “That’s a good line”.  This was almost as cute as when Piper licked Trig’s hair.

Guiliani was the perfect warm-up for Palin.  When he shrugged and laughed at Obama’s community organizing, I think he summed up the first impression of millions of Americans.

Michael Steele is quite a capable “official Barack Obama Criticizer”.

Rudy and more importantly Sarah Palin salvaged an otherwise dreary and unorganized convention.  The media is besides themselves because every attempt to malign Palin’s record only highlights Obama’s thin resume.

Is Lindsay Graham the Clay Aiken of the Republican Party, or what?

Tom Ridge is the warm-up?  Yikes.  My wife kept asking ‘Where is Condoleeza Rice’…I think she has a girl crush on Condi.

Mac delivers his speech rather badly, I think.  It may not be his fault, it seems his lung capacity is low, so he pauses a lot, and everyone foolishly applauses every pause.  The Big Mac’s timing is bad and he’s shaken a lot worse than W was in 2004 by the protestors.  W could give a good speech, but he’s horrible in debates.  With McCain, he’s horrible at these speeches but rather good in debates, at least in the ones I’ve seen against GOP contenders.

The backdrop is a nightmare.

Obama’s style and strategy seems a lot like a W from the left…raise a lot of money, run a tight ship.  He orchestrated an audacious convention but couldn’t overcome the party crashing of the Clintons.  W’s 2004 convention was airtight. In spite of itself, the GOP convention was a winner for them because Obama is so hindered by the Clintons.

The 2008 GOP Convention
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